Accepted papers

Accepted papers
      • Characterising the Difference and the Norm between Sequence Databases – Frauke Hinrichs and Jilles Vreeken
      • Summarising Event Sequences using Serial Episodes and an Ontology – Kathrin Grosse and Jilles Vreeken
      • Cluster-Based Graphs for Conceiving Dialog Systems – Jean Leon Bouraoui and Vincent Lemaire
      • Correcting Linguistic Training Bias in an FAQ-bot using LSTM-VAE – Mayur Patidar, Puneet Agarwal, Lovekesh Vig and Gautam Shroff
      • Making Efficient Use of a Domain Expert’s Time in Relation Extraction – Linara Adilova, Sven Giesselbach and Stefan Rueping
      • Combining syntactic and sequential patterns for unsupervised semantic relation extraction – Nadège Lechevrel, Kata Gábor, Isabelle Tellier, Thierry Charnois, Haifa Zargayouna and Davide Buscaldi

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